Social Components

Based on the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the LHDA drew up an Environmental Action Plan (EAP) which was divided into four parts viz. The Compensation Plan (including resettlement), the Income Restoration and Rural Development Plan, the Natural Environment and Heritage Plan and the Public Health Plan.

Resettlement of affected communities

The project facilitates the resettlement or relocation of persons who are affetced by the constructuin activities of the Project.

Compensation for project related losses

LHDA’s legal obligations to the people and communities affected by project works is based the Lesotho Constitution, The 1986 LHWP Treaty, The LHDA Order of 1986 and the The LHWP Compensation Regulations, 1990: Legal Notice No. 50 of 1990.

Article 7 para. 18 of the Lesotho/RSA Treaty on the LHWP:
‘The LHDA shall effect all measures to ensure that members of local communities in the Kingdom of Lesotho, who will be affected by flooding, construction works, or other similar project-related works, will be enabled to maintain a standard of living not inferior to that obtaining at the time of first disturbance: Provided that such Authority shall effect compensation for any loss to such member as a result of such project related causes, not adequately met by such measures.’

Article 15 of the Treaty states,
‘The Parties agree to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the implementation, operation and maintenance of the Project are compatible with the protection of the existing quality of the environment and, in particular, shall pay due regard to the maintenance of the welfare of persons and communities immediately affected by the project.’

The Compensation Policy that is currently in use was effective from 1 April 1998 for Phase 1A and from 31st July 1997 for Phase 1B

Where the Project has impacted on the capacity of the local infrastructure, The project has compensated through construction of schools, feeder roads and community halls.

Income Restoration and Rural Development

In addition to compensation lost income and assets, the Project also includs an income restoration and rural development program to restore productive capacity of project-affected persons so that they might benefit from new opportunities created by LHWP.