Environmental Components

Natural Environment and Heritage

The constituent programmes include Integrated Catchment Management, Environmental Resource Conservation; and Environmental Resource Monitoring.

Integrated Catchment Management. This includes the establishment of Catchment Management Authorities, Environmental Awareness and Recycling of Waste Material);

Environmental Resource Conservation. This includes programmes such as conservation of the endangered species. One such sepcies is the Maluti Minnow (pseudobarbus quathlambae). The Maluti Minnow project is very high profile. The Minnow is classified as a critically endangered species and the entire world distribution of the Minnow is restricted to the Lesotho Highlands.

Environmental Resource Monitoring.The water quality monitoring programme has been running smoothly since inception.

Under this component, Land Cover and Land Use Modeling project was implemented in October 2000. This involved undertaking aerial photography.

Following the completion of the IFR study in 2001 ?, LHDA has been implementing the IFR Policy which is meant to mitigate the effects of reduced river flows downstream of the dams.

Public Health Programme

The Public Health teams were established to promote and maintain the health of communities affected by the LHWP. This was achieved through provision of health care services to the construction workforce and the local communities, creation of awareness on dangers of drug abuse, provision of adequate clinical facilities, referral and evacuation systems for the construction workforce, prevention and control of communicable diseases and provision of clean water and sanitation.