Welcome to LHWP Phase I

At inception, the project was designed to include five phases implemented over a period of 30 years and expected to transfer about 70 m3/s of water to the Gauteng Province in South Africa. Phase I of the was split into Phases 1A and 1B. The main physical features of Phase `1A are the Katse dam, the transfer tunnel from Katse to ‘Muela Hydropower station, The Muela Hydropower station and appurtenances and the delivery tunnel to the border with South Africa.

Phase 1B involved the construction of the Mohale dams, the diversion tunnel to the Katse dam Both phases also involved the construction of infrastructure such as tarred roads, feeder roads, bridges, camps, health facilities as well as environmental and social programmes.

Water Delivery & Electricity sales/prod. (12/2015)

Commodity Units Revenue
Water 60.822MCM M715,896,671.78
Electricity 355.885MWh M52,836,941.48

Dams Water Level as at 15 Mar 2016

Dam Volume Level* Full
Katse 1438.58MCM 2037.34msl 66.33%
Mohale 331.72MCM 2037.26msl 35.03%
*metres above sea level

Water and Sales Historical Data (17 Dec 2015)

Document Title
Water Sales[pdf]
Electric Sales LEC [pdf]
Electric Sales Eskom [pdf]