Lesotho Highlands Development Authority

Katse Dam


Creating sustainable socio-economic beneficiation through the development and management of water resources and electricity generation.

Core Purpose

Our Strategic Core Purpose, as recorded in the LHWP Treaty, is as follows:

  1. Development of mutual water resources to contribute towards peace and prosperity in the Southern African Region and towards the welfare of its people.
  2. Enhancement of the conditions, including improvement of the livelihoods of the peoples of Lesotho and South Africa
  3. Enhancement, conservation, and equitable sharing of water resources
  4. Promotion of the traditions of good neighbourly relations and peaceful cooperation



To uphold integrity as an unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in every facet of our operations.


To be responsible, sensitive, economical and protective of our resources, sense of ownership


Discharge duties with efficiency, care and skill; we conduct ourselves and work competently


We get things done; have a bias for action


Unity is strength; we value the role and inputs of others; draw on strengths and skills


Listening, effective information sharing, two way communication

Customer Focus

Meet the requirements of customers; with all our actions directed towards delivering value